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Logo & Brand Identity


May (2023)

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All projects designed by Hassam wasif with the keen eye for details, research and intention. Because design is the silent ambassador of your brand, So it should reflect your business goals, values and mission which is why each project is backed with deep brainstorming and strategy.

Brand Overview

VIDA Jewels is an Indian luxury jewelry brand committed to ethical practices, specializing in conflict-free, lab-grown diamonds. The brand ensures traceability from creation to consumer, providing high-quality, conscious jewelry. Grounded in ethics and quality, VIDA Jewels prioritizes transparency in its diamond sourcing. The brand caters to the conscious consumer, offering feel-good jewelry with a clear origin story. VIDA Jewels advocates for lab-grown diamonds, identical to natural diamonds but with an accelerated and controlled creation process. The emphasis is on cut, clarity, color, and carat, aligning with traditional diamond grading standards.

Project Objective

Develop a logo and brand identity that visually communicates “VIDA Jewels” commitment to ethical practices and the use of lab-grown diamonds. The goal is to evoke a sense of transparency, quality, and conscious consumerism through the brand’s visual representation. The challenge was to represent ethical practices and lab-grown diamonds in a visually compelling way. Balancing the elegance of jewelry with the brand’s commitment to consciousness required careful consideration. The finalized logo successfully merges the sophistication of a diamond ring with the letter “d,” creating a distinctive and memorable visual identity for VIDA Jewels. The design not only communicates the brand’s commitment to ethical sourcing but also establishes a recognizable mark in the competitive jewelry market.


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