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Logo & Brand Identity


June (2022)

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All projects designed by Hassam wasif with the keen eye for details, research and intention. Because design is the silent ambassador of your brand, So it should reflect your business goals, values and mission which is why each project is backed with deep brainstorming and strategy.

Brand Overview

Total Deluxe began as a small entity with a big vision. From its humble beginnings, the brand has grown into a global force in the electronics sector. The journey has been marked by a dedication to going the extra mile for customers, ensuring their satisfaction and trust in the Total Deluxe brand. At Total Deluxe, the brand prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, offering top-notch electrical products, and delivering competitive pricing. The commitment to superior service has been the driving force behind expansion and success over the decades. Backed by a wealth of project management experience, Total Deluxe simplifies procurement solutions for its clients. The brand’s highly reliable supply chain enables it to meet the unique needs of each project, offering customized solutions that exceed expectations. Total Deluxe envisions a future where its brand continues to set the standard for excellence in the electronics market.

Project Objective

Develop a compelling logo and brand identity that not only reflects the brand’s rich history and global presence but also communicates its dedication to superior service and modern electronic solutions. The focus was on creating a timeless and versatile design that aligns with Total Deluxe’s position as an industry leader. Inspired by the brand name “Total Deluxe,” the design approach honed in on crafting an iconic letter mark. The integration of the letters “T & D” formed an electric shape within the “TD,” symbolizing the brand’s connection to the electronic industry. The emphasis on simplicity, balance, and a contemporary aesthetic aimed to create a logo with instant recognition and enduring appeal. The chosen color palette combines matte black and yellow tones, reflecting a modern and elegant aesthetic. These colors evoke a sense of sophistication, aligning with Total Deluxe’s commitment to quality and innovation.




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