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September (2021)

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All projects designed by Hassam wasif with the keen eye for details, research and intention. Because design is the silent ambassador of your brand, So it should reflect your business goals, values and mission which is why each project is backed with deep brainstorming and strategy.

Brand Overview

Music Box stands as a vibrant and comprehensive music entity, offering an array of services that contribute to its multifaceted presence in the industry. The brand is not merely a recording studio or instrument retailer; it is a dynamic hub for all things musical, providing a complete musical experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Beyond its digital domain, “Music Box” delves into the world of traditional and sophisticated musical instruments. The brand curates a collection that appeals to musicians of diverse genres, from classical aficionados to those exploring contemporary sounds. “Music Box” distinguishes itself by organizing grand singing concerts every three months, attracting some of the most renowned singers from across the globe. These events serve as global showcases, contributing to the brand’s reputation as a powerhouse in the live music scene. “Music Box” is driven by a passion for music in all its forms. The brand values innovation, quality, and a commitment to delivering exceptional musical experiences. Whether through recording services, instrument sales, or grand concerts, “Music Box” strives to be a cornerstone in the musical journey of artists and enthusiasts alike.

Project Objective

Develop a logo and brand identity that encapsulates the diverse offerings of “Music Box,” from recording services and modern facilities to traditional instruments and international singing concerts. The goal is to create a visual identity that harmoniously represents the brand’s multifaceted presence in the music industry. Inspired by the rich history of music, the design approach centers around a gramophone disc. The letter “O” in the word “BOX” is replaced with the gramophone disc, symbolizing a blend of tradition and modernity. This design choice is intended to evoke a strong connection to music, capturing the essence of both classical and contemporary sounds. Balancing the representation of diverse music offerings, from recording services to live events and instrument sales, was a key challenge. The design needed to harmonize these elements cohesively within a single logo. The finalized logo successfully integrates a gramophone disc into the brand name, creating a visually striking and meaningful representation of “Music Box.” A vibrant yet sophisticated color palette was selected, reflecting the dynamic nature of the music industry while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

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