Camili Jewels

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Logo & Brand Identity


November (2023)

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All projects designed by Hassam wasif with the keen eye for details, research and intention. Because design is the silent ambassador of your brand, So it should reflect your business goals, values and mission which is why each project is backed with deep brainstorming and strategy.

Brand Overview

Camili Jewels is a luxury jewelry brand specializing in unique, modern, and premium artificial jewelry. The brand is dedicated to providing exquisite pieces that enhance the beauty of the wearer. Rooted in modernity, luxury, and uniqueness, “Camili Jewels” targets premium clientele who appreciate the value of adorning themselves with exclusive jewelry items. The brand caters to discerning individuals, particularly young girls, seeking to invest in luxurious and unique jewelry that complements their style and sophistication.

Project Objective

The primary goal of the “Camili Jewels” logo and brand identity project was to craft a modern visual identity that not only resonates with the premium target audience but also encapsulates the essence of luxury, uniqueness, and sophistication associated with the brand. This involved selecting a logo concept that seamlessly communicates these values. Multiple sketches were created, and the chosen concept artfully showcases trendiness and class. By incorporating the delicate details of a girl’s ear with diamond stud earrings and a crown shape at the top of the ear. The ear also symbolizes the letter “C”. The logo not only speaks to the elegance of the jewelry but also aligns with the brand’s values of luxury and sophistication.

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