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A seasoned graphic designer whose creative journey began in childhood. From crafting imaginative DIY creations and exploring the inner workings of electric toys to channeling dreams through captivating art, my passion for design has shaped my path since the age of 12. Drawing became my sanctuary, and every gift of an electric toy fueled my exploration of creative freedom.

As I matured, my fascination with drawing intensified, and each art class in school became a moment of pure bliss. The spark within me grew brighter as I delved deeper into the world of art, turning my passion into a cherished hobby. While my focus occasionally shifted toward studies, the call for creativity remained irresistible. I sketched fantastical scenes, from futuristic swords to immersive landscapes, nurturing my artistic flame even during my intermediate studies.

At the age of 19, Guided by a friend’s recommendation, I embarked on a journey to learn graphic design at AA Computer College. Equipped with newfound knowledge, I honed my skills and earned an internship in graphic design, showcasing my talent and contributing to real-world projects. Recognizing my dedication, the college offered me an opportunity to teach graphic design, igniting a passion for sharing knowledge and nurturing creativity in others. Driven by a desire to evolve further. In the year 2022, I joined an esteemed IT Institute (Technolangs) as a graphic designer and senior trainer. This dynamic role expanded my expertise and allowed me to contribute to groundbreaking projects. Now, standing at the precipice of my artistic journey, I’ve chosen to establish my own graphic design business, helping brands stand out amidst the crowded startup world. With a comprehensive range of services, I bring visions to life, crafting captivating and impactful designs that resonate globally. Join me on this extraordinary adventure as we collaborate to breathe life into your brand’s vision through exceptional design. Together, we’ll forge a visual identity that sets your business apart, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape. Let’s unleash the full potential of your brand and navigate the exciting world of design, leaving a legacy that resonates with hearts and minds worldwide.
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Frontend and Backend Developer
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What My Clients Say

"Blue Whale Entertainment"
Hassam Wasif was great from the beginning to the end of this project. He listened and took all notes of adjustment to make the project a success. I will definitely be working with him again in the future. Thanks so much for your service.
Muhammad Ilyas
"F&S Trend's Clothing"
I had a delightful experience working with Hassam Wasif on my clothing brand’s logo and brand design project. They listened carefully, incorporated my ideas, and offered insightful suggestions, which greatly contributed to the project’s success. Highly recommend from my side.
Rushika Bhatia
"Vida Jewels"
I sincerely appreciate Hassam Wasif’s exceptional work on our jewelry brand design project. His creativity, attention to detail, and seamless incorporation of our feedback ensured a successful outcome. I highly recommend him for any design project.

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